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Think you are too small to export to the European market? Think again!

Posted: June 26, 2017
Export to the European Market

No matter what your brewery size or volumes, expanding your brand into global markets is a very real possibility now.  And quite honestly, a missed opportunity that your competitor is probably taking advantage of.

You can outsource the export process to sell your product overseas, without difficulty. The first and most important step is to select a beverage logistics group that specializes in consolidating “less than container” shipping loads, securing international transportation, with an established overseas supply chain network and a reliable asset return logistics solution. Your process should place priority on capacity, quality and speed.


When you’re beginning your exploration of European markets, it’s critical to balance shipment quantities with consumer demand. A process that allows for a scalable export size is crucial.  There are options for brewers who wish to ship their product in pallet units as well as full container loads. Smaller quantities can now move internationally by consolidating numerous small shipments together.  This allows you to create a customizable shipment (quantity of product) to align with your production and sales plan.


No need to worry about the quality of your product overseas. Your supply chain should provide features that keep your beer stable and in optimal conditions to ensure a high level of quality control. With the right methods in place, you don’t need to fear harsh / extreme weather and the effects it could have on your sensitive brews. Your product is further protected when shipped in stainless steel kegs.


Sending your valuable kegs overseas can seem dicey. How long will they be gone? Will you need to buy more in their absence? Finding a solution with a quick turnaround time and visibility is key. Make sure you optimize your keg fleet by ensuring your kegs aren’t sitting idle and empty overseas. Tracking your kegs on an asset level will provide visibility and manageability of those kegs.  Couple that with a proven keg return system and you have overcome many of the perceived obstacles that have kept brewers from expanding internationally.

Ready to explore your options? Remember, seek a provider that can consolidate beer shipments and, share ocean freight capacity with temperature-controlled storage and a reliable asset return logistics process. Then watch your product go global.

Go Global

Hillebrand’s Kegspediter and supply chain management services easily integrate with our export solution as the largest beverage freight forwarding company worldwide. This allows you to enter foreign markets without worry. Contact Hillebrand today to get started!

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