Additional Solutions Keg Decanting, Keg Refurbishment, and Co-pack / Re-pack Services

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Let us do the heavy lifting—drain and efficiently return kegs to your brewery

Managing heavy kegs requires going beyond the disposal of the product. You need an efficient plan to get your kegs back to the brewer. Our bundled solution simplifies the process of managing full keg returns while maintaining control over your supply chain and kegs.

Brewers rely on our services

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Working with The BevPros has always been great. All of the reps that I have worked with are always friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. The partnerships we have formed with The BevPros are really great and looking forward to continuing working with them! Alexandria Sitaras, Reverse Logistics Analyst – MolsonCoors
Working with The BevPros is to tap into a network that opens many pathways to operational success. The BevPros provides the logistical and financial flexibility that we need to navigate a dynamic industry and give our customers the best opportunity to achieve their goals. It is the ideal partnership for a growing business like Free Flow Wines. Anthony Gutierres, B.I & Logistics Manager – Free Flow Wines
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Leverage the power of the SLG network with Kegspediter & EcoBev

Our network of over 1,400 distributors can process daily collections. With our nationwide footprint of certified draining and disposal facilities, warehouses, and carriers, we’re sure to have a scalable solution that fits your needs.

Our services

The BevPros manage all keg collections from distributors through our normal Kegspediter service.

  • Inbound transportation (heavy kegs)
  • Outbound transportation (heavy kegs)
  • Handling
  • Draining
  • TTB compliance (if requested)
  • Affidavit of destruction
  • Legal liquid disposal
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Keg refurbishing

  • Keg polishing
  • Neck straightening
  • Chime straightening
  • Barcode application & scanning
  • Scrap/recycling (disposal of unusable kegs)
  • Internal & external inspection
  • Valve cleaning
  • Internal cleaning
  • Keg decanting
  • Spear maintenance replacement
  • Embossing
  • Silk screening
  • Banding
  • Polishing
  • Removal of old silk screen
  • Label/sticker removal