KegID Keg & Asset Tracking

Have you lost touch with your kegs?

The use of keg tracking systems has become absolutely necessary in the brewery industry. KegID keg management software is a robust solution which was developed specifically for brewers to take control of their keg inventory. Now, you can scan kegs and make informed business decisions using KegID’s real-time data and business intelligence.

Why Revolution Brewing uses KegID keg tracking & Kegspediter keg management

Using KegId software to track kegs

KegID key features

  • Keg scanning functionality
  • Quick setup time and super-easy to use
  • Optimize keg return cycles
  • Improve keg management and accountability
  • Increase visibility of kegs and pallets
  • Minimize mounting keg loss rates
  • Preventive keg maintenance made easy
  • Provides real-time data and business intelligence
  • Quality control and product freshness reporting
  • Total keg fleet control and batch traceability
  • Works with Kegspediter keg management
  • Embeddable beer map
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