EcoBev Secure Beverage Disposal

Product disposal is a fact of doing business

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Designed specifically for use in the beverage industry, EcoBev offers a trusted partner and eco-friendly solution for the quick and confidential recovery, and disposal, of out-of-date, damaged, or recalled beverages. Dispose of your products responsibly while protecting brand integrity with our brewery waste management solution.

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Brewers rely on EcoBev

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Working with The BevPros has always been great. All of the reps that I have worked with are always friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. The partnerships we have formed with The BevPros are really great and looking forward to continuing working with them! Alexandria Sitaras, Reverse Logistics Analyst – MolsonCoors
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The convenient, discreet, and effective way to dispose of non-saleable beverages.

EcoBev is a great solution for routine disposal needs, like out-of-date products or seasonal overrun. Protect your bottom line by capturing unclaimed taxes and avoiding possibles fines and penalties for improper disposal.

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EcoBev key features

  • Nationwide network of certified recovery facilities
  • Facilities are strategically located for efficiency
  • Fast & discreet product removal from marketplace
  • Economies of scale allow quicker end-to-end disposal
  • Reduced administrative & logistical labor needs
  • Complete confidentiality to protect brand integrity
  • Protected chain of custody
  • Frees up valuable warehouse space
  • Superior logistics, cost-effective, & responsible
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