More Than Just A Lease

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If you have been on the lookout for keg leasing companies, search no more. KegFleet is the intelligent keg leasing solution that can help with all your keg logistics. What makes it so smart? A user-ready, built-in KegID solution for tracking your kegs, plus a flexible partner with a wealth of keg management expertise – the BevPros.

With our included KegID intelligent keg tracking and management solution, you can take control of your keg inventory and make better business decisions using its real-time data and business intelligence. In short, KegFleet is the ultimate keg rental solution.

Why choose KegFleet?

Built–in KegID Tracking

Built–in KegID Tracking

Lease–To–Own Option

Lease–To–Own Option

True Partnership from the SLG Keg Pros

True Partnership from
the BevPros

Favorable Terms To Meet Your Needs

Favorable Terms To
Meet Your Needs

Top Quality Kegs

Top Quality Kegs

Keg Content Monitoring and Control

Custom Keg Branding


Getting kegs on a pay-per-fill basis is certainly an option for limited runs, but if you want to build your brewery’s brand, leasing with KegFleet offers serious advantages:

  • 1. KegFleet helps build your brand by putting your logo on every keg. Plus, you’ll rest easy in knowing that only your beer will go into your kegs.

  • 2. We include KegID intelligent tracking so you’ll know each keg’s location and contents. This will minimize potential keg losses, help with asset management and improve quality control – thus protecting your brand’s reputation.

  • 3. You can opt to purchase your leased KegFleet kegs, by using one of our fair and reasonable buyout options.

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