Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice describes what data SLG collects via our different interactions with you, including our KegID app, why and how we use it, how long we keep it, where and how we collect it, to whom we will pass it on and which rights you have.

Scope of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to all users of our services, websites, KegID app, other applications, features or other services anywhere in the world, unless covered by a separate Privacy Notice.
This Privacy Notice applies to the following categories of individuals:

  • Users of our KegID app and website
  • Shippers: shippers, including their employees, or individuals who send a shipment
  • Shipment receivers: any individual who receives a shipment
  • Persons showing interest in us and our services or paying for them
  • Business partners: business partners, including their employees

All the above subjects are referred to as “you” or “your”.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice from time to time according to the changes in our services, the processing of your data or in the applicable law. We therefore recommend to visit our Privacy Notice periodically.

Who is responsible

The legal entity that is responsible for and determines how and why your data is processed:

Satellite Logistics Group, Inc.
12621 Featherwood Dr.
Suite 390
Houston, TX 77034
+1 281-902-5525

Types of data we process

The types of data we collect and process from you are the following:

Contact data

Information to contact you e.g. when we pick-up or deliver a load.

Such as: your name, phone number, address, email address

User authentication and authorization

Information to identify and verify you as a user of our systems and to verify your access to specific data.

Such as: your email address, password

Location Data

Information about your location to validate correct selections in the KegID application.

Such as: current location when creating a manifest in KegID

Profile Data

Information on your profile e.g. to set your delivery preferences.

Such as: your delivery preferences, order/purchase history

Contract data

Information laid down and agreed upon in contracts e.g. the contracting parties.

Such as: activity on contract, party names

Shipment data

Information enabling the pick-up and delivery of your shipment e.g. status of your shipment.

Such as: your address, shipment documents, proof of delivery

Financial data

Information used for invoicing, financial and payment processes e.g. credit card number which is used for payments.

Such as: your credit card, e-payment details

Survey data

Information communicated via you to one of our employees or by filling in an online survey e.g. when you call our customer service.

Such as: your feedback, when applicable call recording

Why we collect your data

At SLG we only process your data for specific purposes and where we have a legal basis to do so. This can either be:

  • The performance of a contract or when you take steps into starting a contract with us.
  • To comply with a legal obligation.
  • The legitimate interests pursued and to safeguard your and our rights e.g. to increase your customer satisfaction, to deliver and improve our services for you, to facilitate your communication and interaction with us, to provide you with a more efficient, simplified and cost-effective service, to better manage our relationship with you and the opportunities that are presented with it, to optimize our routes, to better protect your data and to make sure no prohibited and unacceptable items enter our network. We will make sure that these legitimate interests are balanced. When applicable, you have the right to object.
  • Consent, which you may withdraw at any time.

The following are the purposes for which we process your data.

Purpose Lawful ground for processing
For you as a customer
To provide our products and services, including
To pick-up and deliver your shipment Performance of a contract
To manage your shipment in our global network Performance of a contract
To comply with all import and export regulations Performance of a contract
Legal obligation
To identify you Performance of a contract
Legal obligation
Legitimate interest
To support you with the use of our tools Performance of a contract
To allow our business partners to serve you Performance of a contract
Legitimate interest
To process financial data from you Performance of a contract
To manage our relationship with you, including
To improve your experience and our products and services
e.g. events, sweepstakes, surveys
Performance of a contract
Legitimate interest
To keep you up to date on our products and services that may interest you Legitimate interest
To expand our products and services Performance of a contract
Legitimate interest
To facilitate your visit on our website and/or KegID app Consent
To onboard you as a new customer Performance of a contract

Legitimate interest

To communicate with you Performance of a contract
Legitimate interest
For you as a business partner
To deliver services to us, including
To manage our relationship with you Performance of a contract
Legitimate Interest
For you to provide services to us Performance of a contract
Legitimate interest

Visiting our website

When you visit our websites and/or KegID app, we capture your data which is necessary for us to make the website and/or KegID accessible to you (e.g. IP address, date and duration of your visit). Further storage in log files is performed to ensure the functionality of our websites and/or KegID app and the security of our systems. We therefore have a legitimate interest in processing your data. We delete your data as soon as it is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

Shipment screening

Shipments are screened to verify their content, to match the detailed description, to check their value and to comply with the applicable law and our Terms of Carriage. We screen all shipments for security purposes to avoid that prohibited and unacceptable items enter our network or to detect criminal offences or misuse.

Denied Party Screening

Denied Parties are individuals or entities who have been placed on a regulatory authority denied persons list, blocked from import or export transactions, or have been sanctioned by a regulatory authority for illegal acts such as involvement in terrorism, narcotics trafficking, money laundering or weapons proliferation. Shipments to or from Denied Parties are often prohibited.

Every shipment is screened for Denied Parties. Shipments to or from potential Denied Parties may be held for further screening to verify that the shipment is not prohibited. To facilitate the quick release of the shipment we may request a copy of your identification document.

Based on our and your legitimate interest, we will process your data and we may keep strictly necessary data for a limited period. This prevents your future shipments from being delayed due to the screening process. Nonetheless, you have the right to object, verbally or in writing.

Customer feedback

We may interact with you to capture your feedback and experience with us. Your response will help us generate improvements in delivering our products and services. In some countries we outsource this process to a business partner.

Customs clearance

We want to ensure that your shipment arrives as quickly as possible by facilitating the customs clearance process for you. To do this, it is necessary that you provide us with all the required documents for customs clearance. As customs varies on country level, different legal requirements can apply. For example, in certain countries, customs authorities require the social security number, the national ID or a passport copy to clear the shipment. To comply with the customs regulation and to fulfill our contractual obligations, the processing of your data is necessary. In cases where we keep your data for future shipments, you have the right to object.

Cookies and similar technologies

We make use of various technologies to store your user preferences or other information to make our services to you as convenient and efficient as possible.

How we collect your data

We may collect your data directly or indirectly. When you actively share information with us by e.g. creating an account, contacting us or filling in a form on our website and/or KegID app or a survey, we receive your data directly from you. When we receive your data from an external third party (e.g. shipper), we receive your data indirectly. In this case, it is the responsibility of the supplier of the data to ensure the accuracy of the data and to transfer it to us in accordance with applicable law.

Information for our business partners

We process data for you as our business partner, in order for us to manage our contracts with you or to receive services from you.

We only collect and process the data necessary for our agreed contractual purposes and will only share data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and limited to the agreed purposes.

We use your services to better serve our employees and our customers.

How long we keep your data

We will keep your data for as long as necessary to fulfill our purposes, to execute our contracts and to comply with any legal obligation.

We determine an appropriate and reasonable retention period by considering the nature, the sensitivity and the necessity of your data.

We continuously strive to minimize the retention period of data where the purpose, the law or contracts allows us to do so.

The data that we collect based on your consent will be processed until you withdraw your consent.

How we secure your data

We take the security of your data very seriously. We have implemented various strategies, controls, policies and measures to keep your data secure. We keep our security measures under close review. Where appropriate, we secure your data by using pseudonymization and encryption techniques when storing and transferring your data. We ensure that there are strict physical access controls in our buildings and certified data centers.

The goal is to have a continuous IT system operation and to prevent unauthorized access.

Will your data be passed on

We will only share or transfer your data in the course of carrying out the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice, when permitted by applicable law and with appropriate safeguards.

We will transfer your data to the following category of recipients:

  • Affiliates: transfer is required within affiliates to provide and improve our products and services. Transfers can also occur to manage our relationship with you, to identify you and to comply with your privacy rights.
  • Business partners: transfer is limited to what is required to meet the Purposes mentioned above in this Notice.
  • Public authorities: transfer is required by applicable law.

Your data is only transferred internationally to affiliates, third party business partners or public authorities when permitted by applicable data protection law. In such cases, we will make sure that appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure the transfer of your data (e.g. our binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses).

We respect your rights

Where applicable, data protection law provides multiple rights for you to exercise:

Right to access information

You have the right to be informed on the information we hold on you.

This includes the right to ask us supplementary information about the categories of your data we are handling, for which purpose, the categories of business partners to whom the data may be send to and your other rights regarding our use of your data.

Right of rectification

You have the right to request a correction of any inaccurate data about yourself.

Right to object

You have the right to challenge certain types of processing when based on legitimate interest, such as direct marketing.

Right to withdraw your consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Right of portability

You have the right to port your data to another controller. We will give you an export of the data you provided to us.

Right to deletion

You have the right, in certain circumstances, to request a deletion of your data. Where your right to be forgotten is valid, and only if necessary, minimal data about you can be kept to ensure you will not be contacted again. If you use our services again, you will be handled as a new customer.

Right to restrict processing

You have the right to request a limitation in the way your data is used.

Right related to automated decision making including profiling

You have the right to request a review of automated processing. At this moment, SLG does not apply any automated decision making with legal consequences for you. In case it will be done in the future, we will do so in accordance with the applicable law.

You can direct your request based on the above rights or any other questions about this Privacy Notice to the contact information mentioned above. We cannot handle your request without sufficient proof of your identity. Please note that the applicable data protection law may impose conditions on exercising the above rights.

Requests and complaints

We will handle all your requests with the care it deserves.

If we fail to address your concerns, you may send a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority.

Are you a U.S. resident?

If you are a resident in the United States, then in this section we provide information specifically intended for you, as required under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), and other data protection laws in the U.S.. Please note that the information above in this Notice is still applicable.

You can exercise your Data Rights, including Right to Delete, Right to Know, Right to Correct, and Right to Opt-Out, pursuant to the procedures indicated above in this Notice.

The CCPA prohibits discrimination against California residents for exercising their rights under the CCPA. Discrimination may exist where a business denies or provides a different level or quality of goods or services, or charges (or suggests that it will charge) different prices, rates, or penalties on residents who exercise their CCPA rights, unless doing so is reasonably related to the value provided to the business by the individual’s data.

Further, California law requires us to let you know how we respond to web browser Do Not Track (DNT) signals. Because there currently isn’t an industry or legal standard for recognizing or honoring DNT signals, we don’t respond to them at this time. Our sites are for a general audience and not aimed at children. In principle, we do not collect Personal Data from children under age 13.