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EcoBev for the Unexpected Project: Insurance for Your Beer and Your Brand

Posted: May 15, 2023

As a brewer, it’s important to always be a step ahead. Seasons change, “best by” dates expire, beers go bad and mistakes are made – it happens. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for anything when it comes to your beer. Whether it’s an out-of-date product, a seasonal brand that is over-produced, an unforeseen quality issue, packaging failure or human error, there are many circumstances in which your beer needs rescuing.

EcoBev has long been the solution every brewer needs; it’s the failsafe answer. Should you ever need to pull your product, know that there is a quick, discreet, budget, and eco-friendly solution to the problems you hope never to have, but need to be prepared for nonetheless.

Why EcoBev

With EcoBev in your playbook, you can activate the BevPros to quickly and discreetly collect the product from your distributor network and keep your reputation intact. You’re protected against tremendous financial burdens with the time and money you’ll save by having EcoBev manage the project, along with the tax benefits you’re afforded with the detailed process that is followed.

You can rest assured that your product will be secure when in BevPros chain of custody and that it isn’t at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Proper disposal offered through EcoBev ensures a better carbon footprint and a healthier environment, providing protection against unlawful discarding procedures that could result in hefty fines.

Reputation Protection

EcoBev has collected and destroyed millions upon millions of cases of unsaleable products, but you would never know because BevPros makes it a high-level priority to keep the brand name confidential. Discretion is the name of the game. If your beer needs to be pulled, no matter the reason, it could become a public relations nightmare if consumers get wind of it. Even something as common as a seasonal brew outliving its shelf life can have a poor reflection on the brand.

Timing, for numerous different reasons, can be critical when a product needs to be retrieved and destroyed. With EcoBev, the process is already in place, it is just a matter of making that one phone call to mobilize the network.  That rapid response to your crisis protects your brand integrity. Once EcoBev takes the reigns for recalling a product, the process is seamless.

Financial Security

Needing to pull a product has its financial ramifications; there’s no avoiding that. With EcoBev, brewers can avoid hours of administrative burden and complicated paperwork, ultimately saving valuable time. Left to their own devices, brewers who pull their own products must then dispose of their unsaleable supply.  There are costs associated with bringing it to a landfill – and this isn’t the most environmentally friendly solution. Through EcoBev’s turnkey process, brewers reap the benefits of clear proof of legal destruction documentation that can be used when filing taxes which is especially advantageous at the end of your fiscal year.

It pays to plan for possible future risks. And while EPA standards differ from state to state, in some states it is illegal to pour unsaleable beer, wine, and other liquor down the storm or sewer drain. If caught, there can be substantial fines, penalties and the risk of lawsuits/litigation. In short, a financial and reputation nightmare.

Green Benefits

Being green matters – for both your bottom line and the planet. Without EcoBev, brewers need to research all the proper disposal methods for their product, which costs time and money. With EcoBev, the product is disposed of in a manner that complies with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)guidelines. Packing materials are separated and recycled, the liquid is recycled, water is reclaimed, and byproducts can be converted into fertilizer. So, using EcoBev is doing good for the earth – and making the best out of a tough situation.

The Bottom Line

While no one wants to dispose the beverage your crafted so carefully, preparation is the key to preventing a crisis. Any challenge is manageable with the right tools and resources.  So, whether you’re a brewer who is passionate about seasonal flavors, or are just looking to protect yourself against an unfortunate unforeseen circumstance – consider using EcoBev as your protection plan. Protect your name, your product, and your consumers with a turnkey solution that you (hopefully) won’t ever need to use. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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