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Get Your Kegs into the Pipeline Faster

Posted: May 30, 2017
Get Your Kegs into the Pipeline Faster

One of the biggest struggles that we hear from brewers of all sizes is “keg management.” We all know that idle kegs don’t sell beer.

As their distribution demands grow, they invest substantially in their keg fleet. Then they ship out these kegs full of their delicious beer, and finally wait until they have enough kegs accumulated at their distributor before it makes economic sense to get them returned.

So, what happens in the meantime?

Do you buy more kegs to fill and ship? You can’t let your customers go without beer! That is a very real danger if you cannot supply the beer for your coveted tap handles. Your competitor would like nothing better than to acquire your tap handle position in pubs and restaurants. Maybe you purchase a few more kegs to fill the gap, and your keg fleet grows even larger. Then you have to face the battle of keeping track of all these kegs. Kegs are expensive and they represent a significant investment, so losing kegs is frustrating.

This is not such an exaggerated situation for most growing brewers, but there’s a way to manage your keg fleet, track the kegs you send out, and significantly lower the risk of losing them.

Meet Kegspediter

Kegspediter is the industry’s leading keg management solution, returning over 8.5 million kegs each year to brewers across the globe.

Let’s break it down.

Kegspediter gives you access to an expansive domestic and global network of distributors and consolidation hubs. This allows you to send and collect kegs all over the globe in smaller shipments, rather than having to wait for a full truck or container load. Additionally, this allows you to increase the number of turns you get on a single keg while also operating with fewer kegs. On average, brewers using Kegspediter are doubling the amount of annual keg turns compared to those who are managing the process themselves.

What was that part about operating with fewer kegs?

Faster keg return and smaller minimum shipments mean you need fewer kegs to meet your production demands. This also helps reduce the chance of your kegs sitting idle somewhere in your supply chain, where they are at risk of being lost or stolen. Shipping by the pallet rather than the truckload means your kegs can come and go faster. This also means you can ship more beer out in less time! It’s the ultimate balance of seeing your profits go up while watching your losses go down.

O.K. So, I’m sending kegs all over in smaller batches and faster than before. How do I keep track of it all?

We’ve got this covered too! We have integrated our Kegspediter keg management solution with our KegID keg tracking software. KegID is a user-friendly keg tracking software that takes the guesswork out of knowing where your kegs are at any given time. It gives brewers the ability to track their keg inventory and monitor the quality of their product – right at their fingertips, and in real time! KegID also provides you with data to make intelligent business decisions. Since you’re able to see where your kegs are at any given time, KegID forges strong partner accountability between your distributors and your customers.

Keg Management at Your Fingertips

Now, we understand that everyone’s business is different and that every business has different needs. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of both Kegspediter and KegID or any of our other solutions, give us a call at (877) 795-7540 or contact us via our online form so we can better understand your business and help you optimize your operations!

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