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Ask The KegPros: Keg Leasing vs. Buying, Whats Right For You?

Posted: August 20, 2018
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We know kegs are some of the most expensive items new brewers need to budget for. What makes the cost more painful is that kegs are also the most commonly lost assets for a brewery.

So- what’s right for your brewery, leasing or buying kegs? Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear yes or no answer when it comes to leasing vs. buying kegs. The right solution is different for every brewery based on size, distribution footprint and volume. The Keg Pros are here to make the decision a little easier and offer some insight on how to grow alongside your keg purchasing decision.


Unless you know your production and distribution will be heavy in volume at the start, buying kegs out front can be very high in cost.

One of the biggest benefits of owning kegs is that there is the hefty upfront cost, but this avoids a month-by-month charge, or “rent” bill. You will also have the comfort of knowing the keg is yours from the beginning and you can use it with your brews for its life.  There are solutions available that enable you to manage your keg inventory, for instance, Hillebrand’s KegID keg-tracking, or Kegspediter, keg return service.

However, brewers always have the option to lease kegs.  We recommend you look for a provider that offers the lease-to-buy option such as SLG’s KegFleet.


By leasing (or renting) kegs, breweries can save some money upfront and only order what is necessary at the early stages of brewing. Keg leasing is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of beer.

KegFleet intelligent kegs are produced by a certified keg manufacturer and each one comes complete with your brewery’s branding, and equipped with KegID technology so that tracking your assets can begin day one.

By utilizing leased smart kegs, your partners at Hillebrand will be able to take the guesswork out of your decisions and tell you exactly how many kegs you would need to lease or purchase in the future based on distribution.

While there are many advantages to leasing kegs, its important to do so with a partner that is looking out for your best interests. Hillebrand acts as a true partner invested in the success of your business. We stay flexible enough to grow with you and adapt to your needs as your business expands.

KegFleet’s three-year keg-leasing program gives you the option to buy so that you can build equity in your kegs while conserving that upfront capital.

Find out Which Solution Is Best for You

To learn more about Hillebrand’s keg leasing solution, KegFleet, or to speak to a Keg Pro about the best solution for you, contact us today!

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