November 27, 2019

Unsaleable Product: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

As 2019 draws to a close, it is the perfect time for breweries to make decisions about their unsaleable product. There’s no benefit to holding on to out-of-date, recalled, or out-of-season beer or other beverages. But there is one benefit to getting rid of it, as this is the opportunity to file a claim for a tax refund – and it doesn’t have to be a headache!

Product that cannot sell doesn’t go away on its own. It often ends up in the corner of a warehouse, out of sight, with the task of removal added to the “to-do” list for later. We suspect that your time is better spent creating and producing new product, which means “later” gets pushed back, further and further.

The good news is there is a turnkey solution – Hillebrand’s EcoBev – which takes that unsaleable product “out of your sight – and puts it top of our mind”.  EcoBev is a proven process that is easily adapted to manage other products like cider, coffee, kombucha, sports drinks and more.   The Keg Pros make the product disposal process as seamless as possible. Over the past 10 years, Hillebrand has effectively managed the recovery and disposal of 9.2 million cases of packaged product. Additionally, in 2019 alone, we drained over 147,000 gallons of product from partially empty kegs, casks and barrels through our EcoBev solution.

Your brand reputation and protection is our top priority, which is why we work especially quickly and discreetly to remove unsaleable product from your distributor network, and safely manage the chain of custody to have it destroyed or recycled. Rest assured that the Keg Pros follow all the proper disposal methods in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

By ensuring disposal is done correctly, your unsaleable beer can be eligible for a tax claim. EcoBev makes it easy for you and your team to stay in the loop with an online portal that features real-time visibility on the destruction process, as well as a detailed project library that holds all necessary documents required for tax and auditing purposes.

Call Our EcoBev Hotline Today

By calling the EcoBev hotline, you can avoid administrative burden, paperwork, and hours of time related to beverage disposal and instead focus your sights on what’s most important to you: brewing great beer. Make calling the Keg Pros top-of-mind. To learn more about EcoBev, call our hotline at 800-987-5347.