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How does your beverage brand stand out among others?

Posted: February 22, 2022

Why your beverage marketing is more important than ever.

Over the past few years, craft beverage brands have had to adapt to so many changes. Above all, they’ve had to create new ways to get their products into the hands of consumers – especially when it comes to standing out on the shelf.

Is there such a thing as customer loyalty anymore? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure – they can be swayed by a funny name, a cool logo or tap handle, and of course, packaging.

Successful craft beverage brands have invested so much into their marketing and creative teams, and it’s time to recognize those who help sell that liquid gold. The BevPros is proud to partner with the Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS) to help recognize those who are “crushing it” in the world of craft beverage marketing, for the third year in a row!

The Craft Beer Marketing Awards were developed by a team of marketing and beverage industry experts to provide a unique awards program that recognizes excellence in all aspects of marketing, design and overall consumer communications as produced by the breweries, or their advertising, marketing, and design partners. Those who enter their work can now also compete at a global level. See how you stand out among the rest!

There are over 40 categories including: Best Tap Handle, Best Logo, Best Original Video, Best Website, Best Use of Social Media – and even some wildcards like Best Taproom! There is truly a category for every beverage marketing pro to enter.

With over 500 industry experts as CBMAS judges, your work will be seen by some pretty amazing people, check out the panel: 2022 Judges Panel

This year, for the first time since the CBMAS inaugural year in 2020, there will be a virtual awards ceremony the last week of April in addition to a presentation of the most popular categories during The BevPros CBC party on May 4, 2022 in Minneapolis, MN.

The awards are open to anyone employed in brewing, design, advertising, and marketing the world. Winners not only get to display a Crushie award, but will get highlighted in industry media publications and more. Check out all of the categories and enter now before it’s too late!  Enter now.

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