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Beyond the Obvious: The Next Level of Keg Tracking and Management

Posted: April 12, 2018
KegID Dashboard

As a professional brewer, you already know the importance of keg tracking. The obvious benefits – reduced keg loss, optimized keg return cycles to distributor accountability, as well as the increased visibility of kegs – are vital to your businesses bottom line. But what about the benefits that aren’t so obvious? Can KegID help with your capital expenses and the quality of your brews? Are there benefits to the sales team or the brewing team?  The answer is “yes” to all these questions.

User-Friendly App

Our Keg Pros are industry experts who understand what you do and need every day, and KegID is designed with the professional brewer in mind. First, it is an efficient, user-friendly app that won’t interfere with the flow of the work process. Whether you’re using the camera on your phone to scan kegs or as a dedicated scanner, KegID allows your team to do the work and save you labor dollars while giving you the information you need.

Real-Time Data

KegID is cloud-based, which means the data is real time. The various reports in KegID are populated with each scanned keg so you can stay up-to-the-minute on what your team is kegging, delivering or picking up.

Quality Control & Freshness

As a craft brewer, you care about quality. Knowing the consumer enjoys the beer you intended for them is important, and KegID includes features with that goal in mind. Adding the contents of each keg when you fill them – along with the batch information – means that as beer goes out to retail, you know which batch of what beer is in what keg and where it is being delivered. Additionally, this detailed information helps you make sure you’re delivering the freshest product. Should there ever be an issue with a batch, a quick report pull in KegID will tell you where those kegs went in the event you need to pick them up.

Total Keg Fleet Control

The “Turn Dashboard” gives you visibility of your keg velocity in your supply chain to help you answer the age-old question: “How many kegs per tap handle do I need?” This also determines where you can improve efficiency with keg returns. Returning empty kegs to the brewery faster means you need fewer kegs for the same volume of beer, and that’s a Capex savings. If you are a brewer who enlists the aid of a distributor, you can also see how the distributor partner is performing with your cooperage and how long it takes to return them (or if they come back at all). And when you need more kegs, the Keg Estimator will tell you exactly how many to buy to meet your growth.

The sales team can also use the KegID app to track information on your beers at retail, easily replace lost keg collars with correct information, and make sure the freshest product is on tap with the quick scan of a keg. They will also see product velocity, which enables them to help the retailer by showing which beers perform better than others.

Preventative Keg Maintenance

With the “Maintenance Dashboard,” KegID also helps you maintain your kegs so that your beer is always going into one that is clean and functioning properly. Kegs that need maintenance can be flagged for repair, or you can schedule routine maintenance for issues like valve or spear checks, or even deep cleanings. Additionally, if you brew specialty beers (like sours), you can ensure a deeper cleaning of those kegs by flagging them for this maintenance when they return to the brewery.

If you are a brewer who distributes outside your local area, you will find that KegID also pairs well with our Kegspediter keg return program. This increases your turn times even more as we handle all the reverse logistics of keg return, so that you can focus on your beer.

Time to Level up Your Keg Tracking and Management

If you’d like to talk to a Keg Pro about how KegID, Kegspediter, EcoBev or even our new KegFleet keg leasing program can help your business, contact our experts today!

Also, be sure to check out our video gallery to see how Revolution Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing, and Threes Brewing all use KegID to take control of their inventory and grow a healthy business.

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