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Effective keg management is mission critical for any brewery, regardless of size. Kegspediter is the industry's leading keg management solution developed to return your kegs to the brewery faster. This allows you to meet increasing production needs using fewer kegs. You can focus those savings on growing your brewery and your brand.

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Designed for the brewing industry, Kegspediter is the gold standard in keg management. SLG combined the power of their intelligent software solution with their large domestic and global network of distributors and consolidation hubs to collect and return your kegs fast.

No more waiting to fill a truckload.
No more kegs disappearing in a back alley.

"Enrolling in the Kegspediter program was the best operations business decision Summit Brewing has ever made."

Kegspediter Key Features

  • Faster keg returns
  • Fewer kegs needed to meet production demands
  • Reduce keg loss
  • CapEx avoidance & reduced administrative labor
  • Asset recovery
  • Keg draining
  • Keg audit & census service
  • Keg deposit management
  • Provides critical data with real-time visibility
  • Works with KegID asset-tracking solution
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Turn Kegs Faster


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