Whitepapers & Case Studies


Kegspediter Keg Management Program Case Study

Three of our clients were challenged to keep pace with market demand and production schedules, utilizing their existing keg inventories. A change in their reverse logistics beverage supply chain allowed these brewers to avoid a large capital expenditure on additional kegs, translating into stronger ROI. Satellite Logistics Group, because of its network of clients and vendors, was able to offer each brewer a solution that created efficiencies in their beverage supply chains. Read this case study for details.


Bell’s Brewery – Kegspediter® Keg Management Case Study

The demand for Bell’s Brewery brands had outgrown supply capacity due to a gap in flow of their keg return. Satellite Logistics Group provided Bell’s Brewery with their innovative reverse logistics Kegspditer® Keg Management Solution to capture, keg return and manage their burgeoning keg inventory. Kegspediter, renowned for reducing keg cycle times, improving turn rates, lowering keg inventory needs and enhancing asset protection, had an immediate impact on Bell Brewery’s keg inventory.


Tapping the Supply Chain to Support Draft Beer Growth

Our new whitepaper takes a close look at how savvy brewers are retaining command of supply chain decisions that optimize their keg/asset management practices.

  • Learn how effective supply chain practices can help to build your brand.
  • Ways to establish effective deposit strategies
  • Value in using tracking technologies (i.e., keg scanning and RFID) and tapping external expertise

Leveraging Long-Term Strategic Partnerships

Enrolling in SLG’s LogiTrax® program helped Sierra Nevada save on labor costs, transportation expenses and fuel charges. Learn more about this solution and more in our new whitepaper.

  • Leveraging long-term strategic partnerships
  • The craft beer industry (State of the industry)
  • Best Practices: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (The importance of collaboration, scanning, SLG’s LogiTrax® program)

The Role of Supply Chain in Expanding Brewery Distribution Networks

Our new whitepaper takes a close look at how brewers can achieve a competitive advantage by optimizing their supply chain.

  • The most common challenges to self-distribution for brewers
  • How keg management streamlines the brewer’s supply chain
  • Key considerations for expansion (efficient keg utilization, transportation optimization, speed to market, need for more advanced technology, and quality management)
  • Value of supply chain management support (Finding the right partner)

Optimizing Brewery Supply Chain Processes for Competitive Advantage

Our new whitepaper takes a close look at how brewers can leverage the SCOR model to improve supply chain performance (increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve service).

  • Define and prioritize where you can create a competitive advantage: delivery reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, cost and/or inventory management.
  • Identify performance gaps in your supply chain that are easiest to fix with greatest results.
  • Learn how to benchmark and measure your key supply chain metrics.