April 2, 2015

SLG Acquires Leader in Asset-Scanning Technology

Houston, April 2, 2015 (MindShare Strategies Media Services) – Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), a leading supply-chain solution provider for the beverage industry, announced today that the company has acquired AnotherRound Apps (ARA), an innovative provider of integrated cloud-based, mobile software solutions. The acquisition supports SLG’s long-range growth plans and gives brewers and distributors access to powerful technology designed to enhance visibility, optimize asset use, and manage their business better.

The two companies, both based in Houston, Texas, have already worked together to integrate ARA’s KegID® asset-tracking technology with SLG’s industry-leading Kegspediter® service to create an even more dynamic keg management solution. With just a barcode scanner or smartphone, users can scan each keg (or pallet), so they know where each keg is, what’s in it, and how long it has been circulating in the supply chain. This real-time visibility will help them to maximize keg use, improve accountability, and minimize shrinkage.

Advanced analytics and reporting features provide critical data, so brewers can better plan production and delivery, track cleaning and repair needs, and make better business decisions.

“Brewers need a steady supply of kegs to accommodate customer demand, and that requires a significant investment,” said Kevin Brady, SLG president and CEO. “Keg tracking gives brewers and distributors a powerful way to manage and protect their assets – ensuring optimal usage and reducing loss. AnotherRound Apps set the industry standard for keg scanning. We are excited to put this leading-edge technology at our customers’ fingertips.”

SLG has also incorporated ARA’s mobile sales-and-delivery tool into its suite of technology solutions. Integrated with QuickBooks, the easy-to-use application delivers real-time inventory, ordering, product, and customer information to enhance sales efforts for smaller brewers and distributors.

Leveraging ARA’s mobile applications and its own proprietary technology, SLG has developed Bev360™, a scalable suite of technology applications designed to help brewers and distributors enhance visibility, improve accountability and manage their business better. Bev360™ will be introduced at the Craft Brewers Conference later this month.

“The acquisition of AnotherRound Apps expands SLG’s technology capabilities and supports our ultimate vision of providing an end-to-end supply chain solution for the beverage industry,” said Brady. “We’ll continue to expand our services to deliver a scalable solution that ultimately spans the supply chain, from production to consumption.”

ARA founders Scott Moorad and James Webb will join the SLG management team where they will continue to play an active role in the development, implementation, and support of SLG’s mobile technology services. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Download web- and high-resolution images of asset-tracking in action:

72 DPI:

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Cutline: With KegID® asset-tracking technology, SLG can provide brewers and distributors with real-time visibility to help optimize keg use, improve accountability, and minimize asset loss.

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