November 25, 2013

Global Beverage Logistics Company Acquires Satellite Logistics Group

Houston, TX – Nov. 25, 2013 – Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), a leading supply-chain solution provider for the beverage industry, announced today that the company has been purchased by JF Hillebrand Group AG (JFHG), a global beverage logistics company. The acquisition, which supports SLG’s growth plans and complements JFHG’s business portfolio, will enable both companies to better serve their customers with more expansive, global capabilities.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SLG specializes in reverse logistics solutions and related services for the beer and beverage industry, including Kegspediter® keg management, LogiTrax® transportation management, and EcoBev® beverage disposal. SLG’s customers include many leading import and domestic brewers, as well as importers and beer wholesalers throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

JF Hillebrand is a beverage logistics company headquartered in Mainz, Germany, with a global network of 48 offices and representation in 83 countries. They offer a wide range of transportation, logistics and information services to meet the needs of their beverage industry customers.
“Partnering with JF Hillebrand provides an exciting opportunity for Satellite Logistics Group and our customers,” said SLG president and CEO Kevin Brady. “JF Hillebrand is an industry leader who shares our dedication to providing innovative and efficient beverage supply chain solutions. While our day-to-day operations will continue as usual, JF Hillebrand’s beverage logistics expertise and global footprint will be valuable resources as we expand SLG’s business domestically and internationally.”

“This promises to be a valuable partnership for both JF Hillebrand and Satellite Logistics Group,” said Christophe Bernard, CEO of the JF Hillebrand Group. “Not only do we have complementary service offerings, but we find both organizations are culturally aligned. SLG is an excellent fit with JF Hillebrand because we both focus on providing high-quality, value-added services for our customers.”

SLG has experienced steady organic growth under the leadership of president, CEO and original owner, Kevin Brady since the company was established in 1984. In 2010, SLG was acquired by Morgenthaler Private Equity (MPE), a Cleveland- and Boston-based private equity team. Effective today, SLG becomes a majority owned subsidiary of JF Hillebrand.

SLG’s management team retains equity in SLG and will remain in place, along with current employees. The company will continue to operate as Satellite Logistics Group, according to Bernard. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The agreement between JF Hillebrand and Satellite Logistics Group involved a concerted effort from many individuals,” said Bernard. “In addition to the dedicated management team at SLG, I’d like to acknowledge our deputy CEO, Pierre Benichou. Pierre spotted the opportunity and played an integral role from initial discussions and negotiations, all the way through to the closing and completion of the acquisition.”


About Satellite Logistics Group
Satellite Logistics Group (SLG) specializes in supply chain management for the beverage industry. We deliver innovative and efficient supply chain solutions to help our customers manage their businesses more strategically and accommodate changing needs. Our core services include Kegspediter® keg management, LogiTrax® transportation management and EcoBev® beverage disposal. For more information, please visit

About JF Hillebrand
With a global network headquartered in Mainz, Germany, JF Hillebrand employs 2000 people in 48 offices around the world. In 2012, the company reported a throughput of over 500,000 TEU’s – equating to over 2.2 billion cases of beer, wine and spirits. Since inception, we have dedicated ourselves to the efficient and cost-effective logistics of wines, spirits and beers. As well as offering first-class logistics services, we also lead the way in the development of innovative products, services and IT tools to the global beverage industry. Founded in 1844, JF Hillebrand celebrates 170 years of trading in 2014.
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