November 14, 2012

21 Craft Brewers “Tap” Hillebrand’s Kegspediter® System to Manage Reverse Logistics Operations

HOUSTON (November 14, 2012) – Beverage industry international supply chain leader, Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), announced today that 21 craft brewers have selected the company’s Kegspediter® System to manage keg consolidation logistics operations and decrease the potential for inventory loss.

According to the Brewers Institute, the national keg loss rate in the U.S. averages close to four percent, representing an annual loss to brewers of about $52 million. By staying on top of keg management, craft brewers can avoid substantial capital investments resulting from the need to replace kegs that have disappeared over the years.

“We are experiencing incredible growth in the craft brewer segment as proven by the number of customers turning to our Kegspediter System to monitor, locate and recapture vital keg inventory,” said Kevin Brady, president of Satellite Logistics Group. “Unfortunately, kegs get lost or disappear in the supply chain, but through the use of our Kegspediter system craft brewers are reducing losses and decreasing costs to positively impact their ROI and bottom line objectives.” Additionally, due to Satellite Logistic Group’s route density and the number of distributors the company works with throughout the U.S., the Kegspediter system facilitates the pick-up of kegs more frequently, thus returning them to customers quicker and on a more regular basis. This means craft brewers can manage their production schedule more efficiently and with fewer kegs, and won’t have to stop production because they are waiting for kegs to fill.

“Summit Brewing Company is taking action to better manage our cooperage inventory with keg recovery solutions provided by Kegspediter,” said Kenny Gunderman of Summit Brewing Company. “We understand that to lessen the financial impact of unnecessary keg loss and resulting purchases we need a partner like Satellite Logistics Group. They offered the best solution for our company to improve accountability and enhance asset recovery as our markets continue to expand geographically.”


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