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Heavy Keg Management

Managing heavy kegs requires going beyond the disposal of product. You also need an efficient plan to get your kegs back to the brewery. The BevPros' bundled solution simplifies the process of managing full "heavy" keg returns while maintaining control over your supply chain.

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  • We manage all keg collections from distributors through our normal Kegspediter network
  • Heavy kegs are drained and returned
  • Tax and Duty Support (TTB and CBP)
  • Affidavit of destruction
  • Safe, legal and environmentally sustainable liquid destruction
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Forklift carrying kegs


  • 1,400+ distributors
  • Daily collections
  • Nationwide footprint of certified draining and disposal facilities, warehouses, and carriers
  • Scalable solution to meet your needs
Distribution Centers

"When disposing of unsaleable beer, brewers need to do so responsibly"
— Brewer's Association (BA)

"It’s going to be a backbreaking chore to extract all those kegs from all those independent bars and taverns"
— Lester Jones, chief economist, National Beer Wholesalers Association

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