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We’re on a mission.

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Being a good steward to our clients, the communities where we live and work and to the environment are all integral to our company mission and vision. We are committed to the sustainability of natural resources and preservation of human rights.

We have received multiple awards from the beverage and logistics industries, as well as the EPA, for the green initiatives that are built into our Kegspediter®, EcoBev® and LogiTrax solutions.

“We were really impressed by how quickly things got picked up; markets were spick and span pretty quickly.” – Joe Whitney, Chief Commercial Officer, Sierra Nevada Brewing

SLG is part of the Hillebrand Group which is a participant in the UN Global Compact. Learn more about the UN Compact.

SLG is a SmartWay Logistics Company Partner since 2009.

  • SmartWay Transport Partner
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency