We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. To jump to the section you’re most interested in, please click on one of the links below. If you have any additional questions, please contact us for assistance.


Where are you located?

How is Hillebrand involved in the beer industry?


How does Kegspediter help me manage keg deposits?

How does Kegspediter service reduce keg loss?

How does Kegspediter increase my keg collection frequency?

Does SLG offer Kegspediter in other parts of the world?

What other benefits do I get from Kegspediter?

What does the solution cost per keg?

What is the minimum quantity of kegs you will collect from a distributor?

Do I need to notify you when my kegs need to be collected?

Can you accommodate special requests I may have?

How will I know what is happening with my kegs?


What is keg tracking?

Why should I track my kegs?

What reports are generated by scanning kegs in KegID?

What does it cost to implement?

Does KegID have a smartphone application?

Why barcodes? Why not GPS or RFID?

How long does it take to implement KegID?

Can I get a demo of KegID?


Will my kegs have my logo or brand on them?

Is there a minimum number of kegs I can order?

How soon can I get my kegs once I place an order?

Can my logo be printed in color?

What if I need more scan labels for my current fleet?

Do my new KegFleet kegs come with KegID?

Is there any difference in scan (KegID) rates if I use KegFleet kegs?

Can I lease-to-own my KegFleet kegs?

Does KegFleet require a keg deposit?

Is there a delivery charge for my leased kegs?

What are your leasing terms?

When can I buy my kegs?

Do I get my keg deposit back when I buy out the kegs?


How does it work?

How will I know the status of the project?

How much does it cost?

Are all of your facilities green?

Is product recyclable? What becomes of it?

How can you assist me in tax recovery?

Can you assist me when filing for my state tax?

What information can you supply to help recover my taxes?

Do I have to schedule my own transportation?


What is BrewBooks?

What is the setup process for BrewBooks?

Does BrewBooks sync with QuickBooks?

Is BrewBooks routing software?

Is there a module that allows me to complete a delivery and update the invoice?

My state requires a hard copy of the invoice for customers. Can I print one from BrewBooks?

Can I use QuickBooks online?

How does BrewBooks gain access to my sales and inventory data?

How much does BrewBooks cost?

How many users at my company can access BrewBooks?

Do you have to purchase any specialized hardware to use BrewBooks?

Can I get a demo of BrewBooks?


What is Logitrax?

What will my role be in the process?

Why should I consider a transportation management system?

Do I have to use Hillebrand carriers?

What are some benefits I can expect from your Logitrax solution?

Can I access Logitrax from my existing computer or mobile device?

Do I have to purchase software to access Logitrax?

Will I have constant visibility over my shipments?

Will the Logitrax service grow with my business?

Does Logitrax have reporting features?