Company History

Innovative Business Solutions for the Brewing Industry, Since 1984

With over 30 years of industry expertise and experience, SLG understands the beverage supply chain and the challenges that brewers face daily. SLG’s success stems from the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of its leadership team. Kevin Brady, CEO and President, took the helm in the early 1990s. Kevin had a vision that successfully inspired SLG to challenge status quo. This vision included the development of the keg management and supply chain solutions that disrupted – and eventually transformed – an industry.

Building Relationships Worldwide

Building Relationships Worldwide

As part of the JF Hillebrand Group, SLG now offers clients a global beverage logistics network of 48 offices spanning 83 countries. SLG’s beverage logistics expertise and global footprint is a valuable resource when you are expanding your brewery domestically and internationally.

Every action, decision, and relationship is guided by SLG’s Mission:

“We serve clients by innovating and delivering efficient supply chain solutions.”

Beverage Industry Involvement

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  • Growing with Technology Award
  • Smartway Transport Partner Certification
  • Kevin Brady - Entrepreneur of the Year
    Ernst & Young
  • Kevin Brady - Pro to Know
    Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  • Scott Moorad - Pro to Know
    Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  • Blue Skyways Collaborative Partner Award
  • Supply Chain Leadership Award
    Heineken USA
  • Top Green Provider
    Food Logistics
  • Green Supply Chain Award
    Supply & Demand Chain Executive
  • Realizing Potential Award (with technology grant)

Trusted Partner since 1984

We have profound respect for our history while we are fiercely focused on the future.


Company created as DBA “S & S Services”

1988-S & S Traffic Management


Company incorporated as “S & S Traffic Management”

1991-Guinness Import Company hires SLG to manage keg logistics


  • Guinness Import Company hires SLG to manage keg logistics
  • Kevin Brady joins the S & S Traffic Management team
1994-Kevin Brady buys company and incorporates it as Satellite Logistics Group


  • Brady takes helm as President and CEO
  • Brady renames the company Satellite Logistics Group
  • Trademarks Kegspediter solution
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing hires SLG / Kegspediter


SLG serving 35 brands


Heineken hires SLG / Kegspediter


SLG adds beverage disposal to growing list of beverage industry solutions

2000-Heineken hired SLG for full product freight management (SCM)


  • SLG serving 80+ brands
  • SLG earns NVOCC and becomes certified freight forwarder
  • Heineken hired SLG for full product freight management (SCM)


  • SLG manages largest known (at that time) alcoholic beverage disposal project in US history
  • ABInBev hires SLG/Kegspediter
2004-Brady wins E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Brady wins E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award


  • SLG serving 100+ brands
  • SLG launches LogiTrax freight management solution


SLG launches EcoBev beverage disposal solution

2009-SLG earns EPA environmental award


  • SLG earns EPA environmental award
  • SLG earns Smartway Logistics Partner certification


  • Free Flow Wines hires SLG/Kegspediter for wine-on-tap launch
  • SLG serving 140+ brands.


SLG becomes part of the Hillebrand Group


  • Single handedly managed new record breaking beer recall and disposal project, exceeding 2003 project by 2.5 million cases
  • Updated branding of Satellite Logistics Group as “SLG”


  • SLG acquires technology company, AnotherRound Apps
  • Adds KegID to list of solutions for brewers
  • Adds Brewbooks to list of solutions for brewers
  • Introduces Kegspediter to the rest of the world (beyond North America and Europe)


SLG serving 180+ brands