June 17, 2021

What is your Direct to Consumer Delivery Strategy? Hillebrand’s Last Mile Delivery provides premium service to Craft Brewers in California


California has played a vital role in Hillebrand’s overall success. California brewers and vintners produce a large percentage of the nation’s finest wine and beer. This is why we adapted our Last Mile (direct to consumer) wine delivery service in California to meet craft brewers’ evolving needs.

Hillebrand’s Last Mile Delivery is the perfect solution to satisfy the growing demand for direct-to-consumer shipments. In early June, over 500 California craft brewers participated in the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) Summit Tasting Experience Summer Session. Hillebrand proudly partnered with the CCBA and provided Last Mile Delivery shipping for all of the tasting boxes, which contained 10 different California craft brews.


What sets Hillebrand’s Last Mile Delivery apart from other providers?

Last Mile Delivery provides handling and delivery services to restaurants, retail businesses, and even consumers. It has become a lifeline for small and mid-sized producers, importers, and distributors.

Hillebrand’s network of highly secure, temperature-controlled warehouses in northern and southern California maintain just-in-time inventory for next-day orders and also cross-dock shipments picked up directly from the source. Drivers transport product using a dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled trucks. Shippers can monitor their product’s journey and ETA with live tracking and photo confirmation upon delivery.


Why do the final steps matter?

There are many reasons why last-mile logistics are essential to any producer or distributor of high-quality beverages like craft beer and wine. The Last Mile Delivery team becomes an extension of their teams, representing their brand(s) to the final customer.

Each node of your supply chain is important, but none more than the final steps to deliver your product to its ultimate destination. Hillebrand’s Last Mile Delivery service protects and preserves your specialty beverage during the last leg of its journey when timing is a critical factor.


Why Hillebrand?

For over 177 years, Hillebrand has been the number one global freight forwarder of alcoholic beverages. From the beginning, we have had the same level of passion for delivering quality logistics services as our customers have had towards crafting their quality beverages (wine, beer, and spirits).

Click here for more information. You can reach a Hillebrand Last Mile Delivery beer specialist by emailing B.Newton@hillebrand.com