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Customer Spotlight: Moustache Brewing Company

Posted: September 6, 2018
Moustache Brewing Kegs Moustache Brewing Kegs

It is clear from the staggering number of DC and Marvel movies that have taken over our theaters, America loves a hero – especially an underdog. In fact, that is just one of the many reasons we are such big fans of Lauri and Matthew Spitz, the spunky husband and wife team who dreamt of brewing quality beer and made their dream a reality.

The Riverhead, NY couple convinced online investors to take a chance on them using the online crowdfunding platform “KickStarter”. Now only four years after opening their one-barrel brewing system, they have expanded both their brewing capacity and brewery facilities. The new taproom addition not only features their custom-brewed specialties, but also Matt’s custom carpentry skills using reclaimed wood and building supplies.

Moustache Brewing, self-distributed in the Long Island area, started using Hillebrand’s KegID keg tracking system to keep tabs on their valuable cooperage shortly after they opened. Earlier this year, they signed up for KegFleet, Hillebrand’s lease-to-own keg program. Their shiny new high quality KegFleet kegs were manufactured by Thielmann Kegs and are branded with the Moustache Brewing logo. Their kegs also came equipped and ready to scan and track. All KegFleet kegs include the KegID tracking technology at no extra charge.

Like many of their fellow craft brewers, Matt and Lauri don’t just talk about their commitment to the community and environment, they live it. They support the “Brew to Moo” program by donating leftover barley, wheat and grain (used in the brewing process) to local farmers to feed their animals. They also share the brewery backyard with a family of feral cats that they had humanely spayed and neutered. These beloved neighbors keep pests and varmints away from the brewery and, in turn, Matt and Lauri provide supplemental food and outdoor shelter for them. It is a win/win!

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The Hillebrand Keg Pros are excited to be part of the Moustache journey and look forward to their continued success in the craft beer industry. To find out how you can succeed with Hillebrand’s KegFleet and KegID programs contact us today!

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