Services: LogiTrax

Cost-Effective Options for Managing Your Freight

For many brewers, the investment in the technology and expertise required for effective freight management can be a barrier to success. SLG’s LogiTrax® services provide a scalable, cost-effective alternative – giving you the advantages of state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise without the overhead.

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) – Tender and track all loads online for increased supply-chain visibility, improved transaction accuracy and better carrier performance data.
  • Freight management – Leave the transportation management to us, and we’ll optimize your routes and resource utilization, so you can concentrate on your core competency.
  • Freight audit and bill payment – Allow us to review your freight bill invoices for accuracy, and we’ll help you lower freight costs and improve logistics efficiency.
  • Carrier management – Elevate freight management to a more strategic level while reducing freight and administrative costs. You’ll see improved carrier performance, communications, and claims cycle time.
  • Collaborative management – Integrate your carrier list with our network of carriers to improve transportation capacity, lower transportation costs and reduce risk of supply-chain interruption.
  • Consolidation services – Get product to customers faster by shipping truckloads (or rail cars) of product to a regional distribution center, so it’s ready for local delivery when needed.

With more than 30 years of experience in the beverage industry and an established network of carriers, we can customize a freight management solution to fit your needs. The result? Increased supply chain efficiency, reduced freight costs and improved performance.

As a Smartway® partner, we’ll support your sustainability initiatives as well. We are working to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emission, and improve energy security. Learn more.