Kegspediter Full-Service Keg Management

Speed Cycle Time with Full-Service Keg Management

Want to get kegs back in the production pipeline faster? Our Kegspediter® keg management service can help you optimize asset usage and reduce shrinkage.

With a nationwide network of 1,600 wholesalers and strategically located consolidation centers, we provide your keg management, keg collection, and keg return processes quickly and efficiently. You’ll be able to serve your distribution market with a smaller capital expenditure on keg management.

Our proprietary software gives you critical data and real-time visibility, so you can better plan production and delivery – especially important during key selling periods. And by keeping track of your kegs, you’ll minimize the chance of lost or stolen kegs.

We’ve recently integrated the innovative KegID® asset-tracking technology with our industry-leading Kegspediter® service to create an even more powerful keg logistics solution. With just a Bluetooth scanner and smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to scan each keg (or pallet), so you know where each keg is, what’s in it, and how long it has been gone. This real-time visibility will help you to maximize keg use, improve accountability, and minimize keg loss. This is just one of the exciting applications in our scalable Bev•360™ supply chain technology suite.

Kegspediter puts comprehensive keg management capabilities at your fingertips:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Asset recovery
  • Inventory management
  • Keg and cooperage census
  • Keg draining
  • KegID® asset tracking

Our turnkey keg management and keg return solutions allow you to focus on your core business: brewing great beverages.

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