Keg tracking software for beer supply chain management


Brewers are making significant investments in their keg inventory. According to craft beer industry estimates, brewers typically lose up to five percent of these assets each year. Keg tracking software has become a necessity for effective beer supply chain management.

Keg scanning is the easy part. The key to effective keg tracking and keg management is to adopt a solution that provides the business intelligence necessary to make informed business decisions. SLG now offers powerful and proven keg tracking software, KegID. The service helps to:

  • Increase visibility of kegs and pallets throughout the beer supply chain and distribution channels
  • Improve keg return cycles
  • Improve overall keg management and accountability between brewers, distributors and retailers
  • Minimize the mounting keg loss rates seen in the craft beer industry
  • Provide real-time data and business intelligence

Keeping implementation costs minimal, the beer supply chain management solution uses low-cost barcoding technology, a mobile app, web-based software and cloud-based storage. KegID can be used with any Bluetooth scanner, smartphone or tablet running the proprietary application. While primarily used as brewery software for the craft beer industry, it can be adapted to track any reusable asset.


Real-time reporting shows the location of each keg, what product is in it and how long it has been gone. Brewers can control routine maintenance and repair schedules through KegID. Analytical data and reports that enable brewers to make well-informed, strategic business decisions about their beer supply chain management can also be accessed using this brewery software.

KegID is easy to implement, working with existing barcodes or ones provided by SLG. After setting up your users, customers and beer styles, you are ready to start using KegID for less than a dollar per unit and begin protecting your investment with a more transparent keg return cycle.

This solution can be used on its own, giving brewers of all sizes a critical competitive advantage. But this brewery software can be even more powerful when used with SLG’s industry-leading Kegspediter keg management solution for a quicker keg return cycle.

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