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The Future of Craft Depends on Quality

Check out this recent video by Brewers Association. “If you aren’t budgeting for some destruction of beer, you aren’t serious about quality,” according to Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company. SLG’s EcoBev beer disposal service aids the quality control efforts of brewers & distributors by properly disposing of products that are out-of-date, recalled or damaged in a timely, discreet manner.

Why DuClaw Brewing Company Chose KegID

Learn why DuClaw Brewing Company chose KegID keg tracking as their keg management solution.

Chris Spradley on Fox 26

SLG’s Chris Spradley, craft account manager, made a guest appearance on Fox 26’s “Cooking with Cleverley” show, advising viewers on how to plan their New Year’s Eve dinner with the perfect beer pairings.

Chris Spradley and Chef Jeff

Last month at the PAIRED event at the Great American Beer Festival, our craft account manager Chris Spradley discussed the festival, craft beer and food pairings with Chef Jeff of Deschutes Brewery. Watch it here.

Chris Spradley and Julia Herz

At the Great American Beer Festival in September, our craft account manager Chris Spradley met with Julia Herz, craft beer director for Brewers Association, to discuss craft beer trends and food pairing. Check out their discussion.

Maximize Your Assets

To accommodate customer demand, brewers and distributors need to keep kegs moving, but it can be difficult to keep track of these valuable assets as operations expand. SLG can help tackle this challenge. Our KegID® asset-tracking solution helps to optimize keg use, increase accountability and minimize loss. Watch the video to learn more.

SLG at the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference

Craft brewers are leveraging supply chain management to address the challenges of today’s marketplace, build their brands and expand their businesses, according to Kevin Brady, president of Satellite Logistics Group (SLG). An effective keg management solution is critical, says Joe Martino of Steven’s Point Brewery.

Welcome to Supply Chain Management by SLG

Satellite Logistics Group combines convenient online tools with personal service for optimal supply chain management.

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