See SLG Supply Chain Best Practices in Action

Want to see how our solutions and keg management innovations have helped other companies to tackle beverage supply chain challenges? Read our case studies.

Brochure: SLG CompaniesCrown Imports – Scalable Supply Chain Solution Supports Growing Brewer
Three years ago, Crown Imports began looking for a company that could handle keg management and collection, recognizing that coordinating keg returns was not a core competency internally. Crown was pleased to find that Satellite Logistics Group was already collecting kegs from about 85 percent of the wholesalers that they working with. See how SLG established a scalable solution for Crown Imports to accommodate the increasing complexity of its ever-expanding beverage supply chain.

Brochure: SLG CompaniesBell’s Brewery – Kegspediter® Keg Management Case Study
The demand for Bell’s Brewery brands had outgrown supply capacity due to a gap in flow of their keg return. Satellite Logistics Group provided Bell’s Brewery with their innovative reverse logistics Kegspditer® Keg Management Solution to capture, keg return and manage their burgeoning keg inventory. Kegspediter, renowned for reducing keg cycle times, improving turn rates, lowering keg inventory needs and enhancing asset protection, had an immediate impact on Bell Brewery’s keg inventory.

Case Study: Kegspediter Keg Management ProgramKegspediter Keg Management Program Case Study
Three of our clients were challenged to keep pace with market demand and production schedules, utilizing their existing keg inventories. A change in their reverse logistics beverage supply chain allowed these brewers to avoid a large capital expenditure on additional kegs, translating into stronger ROI. Satellite Logistics Group, because of its network of clients and vendors, was able to offer each brewer a solution that created efficiencies in their beverage supply chains. Read this case study for details.

Case Study: Organizational AlignmentOrganizational Alignment Case Study
Satellite Logistics Group was challenged to improve performance by transitioning from a traditional, hierarchical business model to a more collaborative, process-oriented organization. By redesigning our organizational structure to complement our process-oriented workflow, restructuring teams to eliminate business silos, and creating a new work space, the resultant improvements in key metrics have demonstrated our efforts have paid off tremendously.

Case Study: Heineken USAHeineken USA: Reverse Logistics Solution for Cooperage Returns Case Study
Heineken USA is the American operating company for the Dutch brewer Heineken International based in the Netherlands, and the largest European importer of beer into the United States. A good portion of their sales volume is in kegs with a large range of sizes spread across all 50 states. As their sales continued to outpace the imported market trends, they realized that improvement opportunities existed in their methods for returning cooperage to the brewery. Enter, SLG.