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Brochure: SLG CapabilitiesSLG Capabilities
Ready to optimize your supply chain? Hoping to increase end-to-end visibility? Looking for scalable, turnkey solutions? Satellite Logistics Group (SLG) can help. As supply chain experts with proven performance in the beverage industry, we design and implement logistics solutions to simplify complex business challenges. Find out how we can help your company become more competitive.



Brochure: KegspediterMobile Sales & Delivery
As a brewer or distributor, your business depends on your ability to manage inventory, interact with customers, and book and deliver orders. Those processes become more challenging as your business grows. Is your sales team adequately equipped to operate from the field? Are your existing order-entry methods too manual and error prone? Are you uncertain if your current inventory can support incoming orders? If so, SLG’s mobile sales-and-delivery solution can help.

Brochure: KegspediterKegID® Asset Tracking
Averaging $130 each, kegs represent a significant investment for brewers. However, according to industry estimates, craft brewers typically lose up to five percent of these assets each year. With so much at stake, SLG is introducing a powerful keg-scanning technology to help brewers and distributors minimize keg loss and maximize their investment. Learn how this proven solution, designed specifically for the brewing industry, is setting the standard for asset tracking.

Brochure: KegspediterKegspediter®
As your business grows, so does the complexity of your supply chain. That makes effective keg management especially important. Want to get kegs back in the production pipeline faster? Reduce your capital investment? Minimize asset loss? SLG’s Kegspediter® keg management solution can help. Learn more about our full range of scalable keg management services that are designed to help you reduce cycle time, enhance visibility and streamline your planning process.

Brochure: LogiTraxLogiTrax® Freight Management
LogiTrax, another supply chain solution developed by Satellite Logistics Group, was designed to aid in a company’s technological transition from maintaining manual spreadsheets to having a fully-automated freight management system. LogiTrax provides a  full suite  of services  that  allows  beverage  producers, importers and distributors to improve the efficiency of their supply chains. LogiTrax is a quick?start solution to effectively manage your supply-chain performance.

Brochure: EcoBevEcoBev® Material Recovery
Introduced by Satellite Logistics Group of Companies’ is the beverage industry’s first turnkey solution for the collection, destruction and proper documentation of otherwise unsalable beverage product – EcoBev. EcoBev is an invention of necessity to keep a healthy and efficient supply chain performing. Satellite Logistics Group is uniquely prepared to manage each customer’s disposal timetables and requirements.