Quality at SLG

Sharing Your High Standards for Quality

At Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), quality management is an integral part of our business and culture.

We employ globally recognized improvement strategies, including SCOR, Lean and Six Sigma, to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of service to our customers.

By breaking down complex supply chains into a series of detailed processes, SCOR gives us a clear picture of existing operations and helps to identify areas of improvement. Relying on Lean principles, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to eliminate waste and make our operations better. To reduce errors and variability, we look to the precepts of Six Sigma and tools such as the DMAIC Cycle. Integrating these strategies helps us to accelerate continuous improvement.

Everyone at SLG is trained in quality management and has completed courses and earned professional certifications. Many staff members hold green or black belts in Six Sigma. All employees are encouraged to share ideas on our Kaizen board. In the past three years, we’ve completed more than 300 employee-driven suggestions.